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“I use the Rose, Neroli and Jasmine facial oil for combination skin. I have noticed that my face is softer, fresher and looks clearer and brighter (I’ve even had comments on how nice my face looks from friends). I found using oil on my face strange at first, but soon liked it more than cream. It sinks into your skin, and feels cleaner. I feel like it is actually beneficial because it is so natural and smells so amazing. It’s nice knowing I’m not putting any chemicals into my body with this product. Completely natural.
I’d recommend this product for sure!!!” – Kate Boat

“I am 25 and am using the radiance oil with rose and neroli for normal skin. I am absolutely delighted that it has made the thread veins at the side of my nose completely disapear, I have tried everything to get rid of them. I actually look forward to putting this on before I go to bed. It makes my face feel like velvet, moisturized and soft. The smell relaxes me and helps me go to sleep. It’s the perfect balance and doesn’t make my face feel oily. I’ve notice my skin tone looking more even, as well as my cheekbones looking more radiant!! I am a huge and devoted fan. I won’t use anything else now that I’ve discovered this. Thank you so much!!!” – Kate Jales

“I have been using the facial oil for normal skin for about a month now, i put it on every night before bed, and find that it sinks in right away, my skin never looks or feels greasy afterwards. It smells amazing and i really look forward to opening the bottle and getting the aroma!
In the mornings my skin always feels smooth, plumped, and i have noticed that it has been much less oily during the day, and generally clearer than it was when I was following my old skincare regime.
This is a brilliant luxury product, highly recommended” – Jessica Johnson

“I’ve just started using my Skin Nectar face oil again after a short break and I had forgotten how amazing it is – my skin just looks flawless when I use this under my make-up (even if I do say so myself!). This is such a great product – thanks for inventing it Vee!” – Nicki Hodges

“I’ve been using the mature skin face oil for a few weeks.
Normal face creams don’t settle into my skin properly because I sweat easily so they just sit there like a greasy film on my face.
I find the oil soaks straight in and even if I sweat it doesn’t come back out again.
I have dry skin but only find I have to use it once a day as it’s so effective and i’m really glad of the fact it’s all natural.
Plus it smells lush!” – Janette Grindle

“Just finished my first bottle of facial oil for normal skin and I have to say I’m very sad to see the end of it!!
Massaging it into my skin before bed means in the morning my skin no longer looks swollen, puffy, greasy or dull in the morning. It looks and feels healthier, my skin doesn’t feel dry or tight and I have been getting much fewer spots.

All in all a really brilliant product that I would definately recommend!” – Anna Iqbal

“I’ve been using the Rose and Frankincense mature skin oil for 3 months and my skin feels firmer, smoother and looks more youthful. At the age of 58 it seems to me as though it’s slowing down the ageing process. The amazing scent and knowing it contains 100% organic ingredients makes it even more irresistible. I believe Skin Nectar has put heart and soul into making this product and has passionately blended it to perfection.”
Gem Latchana

“I use the Sandalwood and Neroli face oil for dry skin. As a sufferer of eczema and very sensitive skin it is a joy to be able to use something that works so well, moisturising my skin and smells so beautiful. (usually the only products I can use are bland and medicinal!) The oil has made my complexion brighter and it is really soothing and calming when I have had a flare up. When applying the product you can actually feel the magic of the oils working!! Whenever I run out, I instantly crave a replacement-I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this product to anyone.” – Samantha Davis

“When I was pregnant, the skin on my face in particular was prone to all kinds of greasy spots and dryness due to the number of hormonal changes my body was experiencing. I tried the chamomile and ylang ylang facial oil which immediately calmed my tender and irritated chin area and lightly moisturized the really dry patches around my cheeks. After applying the facial oil, my foundation looks fantastic and I get that really nice dewy look without it being in anyway greasy. I thought you should only use facial oils for a deep cleansing treatment at night – but this oil is really light and absorbs really quickly, and it really does make you feel radiant. I have also tried the body balm for my stretch marks and they are noticeably fading already….” – Louisa Hancox

“I absolutely LOVE the ‘Camomile and Ylang Ylang’ face oil! After years of suffering from problem skin suddenly my face looks clearer, smoother and brighter. There’s magic in that blue bottle I tell you!
I’ve been using it (twice a day) for about 6 weeks now and I’m amazed by how soft my face feels, my husband says I look younger which is always good!! I would throughly recommend it to anyone and everyone.. not only is it food for your skin, applying it is really therapeutic and it smells fab too!!” – Uzma Iqbal

“I have got the rose, neroli and frankinsence oil. It feels really nice on application and not too gloopy. I have this combination to help my facial scar on from much appreciated advice of skin nector. Thanks for the advice and lovely oil :)” – Suzie Payton

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