Aromatherapy is the art of blending natural essences extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant to bring the body and mind back into balance and well-being.
These essences are known as essential oils. Essential oils are live essences which drive the release of hormones into the bloodstream.

These hormones regulate all aspects of your health, ageing processes, vitality and emotions.

Indeed there is a very special synergy between the body and aromatic oils meaning that healing occurs on a multitude of levels giving startling and blissful results.

Not only do the oils make you feel really quite marvellous, they also deliver extremely high levels of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids to the skin.
In fact it may have been many many years - if ever - since your skin has experienced such high levels of these vitamins and minerals … hence such dramatic results, see our Love Stories page for more details.

So many of the synthesised ingredients we experience today via both allopathic medicines and beauty products are the result of isolating a singular element from¬ the natural world and re-creating it in a lab. By isolating a singular element from the natural world, all of the hundreds and sometimes thousands of supporting elements are lost, and without these, the isolated element often does not work as well. Or worse, it may - and often does - cause adverse side effects.

What makes an essential oil so special is that in just one drop, you can experience the entire microcosm of the plant and all the healing and beautifying powers it has to offer.