The Rescuer

10ml - one bottle lasts 6-8 weeks

This gentle but powerful oil provides relief for highly sensitive and breakout prone skin. Chamomile calms and protects whilst ylang ylang balances. Stressed skin is instantly soothed and supported back to full health.

This oil is useful in breaking the cycle of acne or receiving stressed or sore skin. Chamomile, a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, soothes & protects, whilst Ylang Ylang re-balances over-active sebum glands. Stressed skin is comforted and soothed, healing is accelerated and skin is supported back to full health.

About the oils

..has a scent reminiscent of straw and apples. A powerful anti-inflammatory; only a small quantity is needed to ensure effectiveness.

Ylang Ylang
..meaning flower of flowers, is best harvested during the early summer mornings. It is a sweet, floral oil which is tempered well with Chamomile.