The Rejuvenator

10ml - one bottle lasts 6-8 weeks

A liquid moisturiser for luminous skin containing essential oils of frankincense and rose to deeply moisturise and stimulate rejuvenation.

Frankincense stimulates new cell activity, reducing fine lines and working on blemishes. Rose drenches the skin with pure moisture and and array of healing properties.

Cold pressed hazelnut oil delivers vitamins A, E, B and D & full spectrum essential fatty acids in bio-available form, firming and tightening the skin. Skin is hydrated, energised and more youthful.

About the oils

Rose Absolute
Worth more per gram than gold 2,500 Rose blossoms are needed to create just 1ml of the absolute.

Woody and spicy, this gum was one of the first to be used as an incense and was one of the most precious substances in the ancient world.