The Hydrator

10ml - one bottle lasts 6-8 weeks

This oil provides intensive moisture for dehydrated skin. Essential oils of sandalwood and neroli dramatically reverse dehydration and provide a much needed shot of vitamin C. Moisture levels are re-activated deep within the dermis. Apricot kernel oils deliver bio-available vitamins A, E & full spectrum B vitamins. Feelings of tightness are banished. Skin is soft, dewy and comfortable at last.

About the oils

Named after an Italian princess who used this oil as her perfume, Neroli yields a hauntingly beautiful scent.

The oil extracted from this tree is deep and woody, with sweet and creamy undertones. Sandal wood oil is gathered from the heartwood of the tree, this oil is very special and imparts much love to the user directly from the tree, cherish it and it will bring beauty to your skin.