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Skin Nectar was born on a snowy London street in 2010. I was on my way home and all I wanted was some sumptuous products to pamper myself with, I wanted products that would transform my bathtub into a flower garden, I wanted gorgeous little glass bottles, filled with magical elixirs that would delight my senses and transport me to a fairytale world where a cold, bedraggled city worker such as myself could be transformed into a beautiful princess.

My mind instantly began to wander back to my childhood and my mother’s medicine cabinet which contained tiny bottles of plant and flower essences. My mother used the plant essences to cure all range of maladies but the flower essences she used as part of her beauty regime. I remembered the beautiful venetian glass bottles that used to sit on her bathroom shelf, filled with the most wonderful smelling featherlight oils, that meant that everyone was always shocked at her age!

My mother was an aromatherapist you see and she trained as part of the first wave of aromatherapists in the 80’s under the legendary Patricia Davis, a leader in the field of modern European Aromatherapy. In fact Patricia Davis wrote the very first modern book on the art of Aromatherapy and it was called the A-Z of essential oils. You can read more about Aromatherapy .

So all these memories of these wonderful plant essences were part of a wider story of all the people that my mother used to treat as a practicing aromatherapist. People would come to our house from far and wide to buy the little amber bottles with handwritten labels containing special blends for their skin. They loved them so much because they worked like magic, transforming sagging, lack-lustre, problem skins, into glowing skin, radiant with health, in just a few days time, such is the power of pure flower oils.

After many years of practice, my Mother became older and retired, she said she had worked hard all her life and now she wanted to do other things, and so the blending stopped and the powerful plant essences stayed in the wooden boxes in the cupboard.

As I trudged along that cold London street that day, I suddenly realised that it was that magic in a skin care product that I was looking for… as soon as I got home I picked up the phone and called my Mother directly, intent on finding out as much as I could about these lost exhilirs.

Skin Nectar brings you these original flower essence blends, created according to the pure academic art of aromatherapy. So now you too can experience the bliss of glowing skin and precious flower oils.

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